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Intellectual Property

Content refers to, in particular but not exclusively, all posted texts, information, drawings, paintings as well as photos and videos produced by the one-person business IOANNIS KOSTARIS which bear trademarks or references, graphics and software applications.

The content of Chios.is is an intellectual property of IOANNIS KOSTARIS one-person business, as well as of third parties, partners and entities, which have granted IOANNIS KOSTARIS one-person business authorization for use. Copyright is protected by the relevant provision set out by the Greek and European Law as well as the International Conventions pertaining to the issue.

Permission for Use

The content of this webpage is for personal use only and by no means can you make use of it for any other purpose or in any other way. Consequently, you may not reproduce, summarize, adapt or paraphraze any part of chios.is, as well as produce works based on its content in way that infringes the provisions set out here or/and in the legislation, without IOANNIS KOSTARIS one-person business’ prior explicit consent.

Liability Limitation

This webpage’s content is purely informative and advisory. Chios.is does everything in its power to provide accurate, explicit, correct, complete and

available information; however, it does not guarantee the uninterrupted, accurate, clear, correct, complete and error-free provision of pages, choices and and content, or that errors will be fixed.

IOANNIS KOSTARIS one-person business is not liable for any kind of damage the user of chios.is pages, services, choices and content may suffer as a result of their own initiatives and with knowledge of the current terms.

Further, IOANNIS KOSTARIS one-person business does not guarantee that chios.is or any other relative website or the server which makes the site available are free of viruses or other harmful components.

Personal Data Protection

Managing and protecting the user’s data is subject to the terms laid down in this section as well as the relevant provisions set out in the Greek Law for Protection of Individuals with regard to Processing Personal Data as supplemented by the decisions of the President of the Personal Data Protection Committee and the European Law.

  • Personal Data

In order to sign up to chios.is newsletter, the user is only required to voluntarily provide their email address. Chios.is might be using this data to grant information on topics regarding its activities and its content as well as display advertisements.

These data are not disclosed to any third party and are by no means made public or made use of in any way. They are utilized to the absolute necessary extent so as for the terms and obligations for specific services provided by chios.is to be complied with properly. Τα στοιχεία αυτά χρησιμοποιούνται μόνο στο μέτρο που κρίνεται απολύτως αναγκαίο για την εκπλήρωση των όρων και υποχρεώσεων των επιμέρους υπηρεσιών που παρέχει η chios.is.

In case the user doesn’t wish their data to be included in chios.is mailing list, they can request that these be removed at any moment. The deletion link is provided in every newsletter emailed to you by chios.is.

  • Links

Chios.is contains links to other webpages but has no control over their content and function. IOANNIS KOSTARIS one-person business is not liable whatsoever for these webpages’ content, security and personal data protection policy.

  • Cookies

Chios.is uses cookies which secure its effective function and help provide certain services, for instance, signing up to the mailing list, connecting with social networks and displaying advertising material.

Cookies are small text files stored on the user’s hard disk without taking note of of any text or file in their computer. They are used to facilitate the user’s access in terms of using certain services or webpages, keep record of actions as well as define useful or popular areas, or for marketing purposes. You can find more about chios.is Use of Cookies Policy here.


The pages Order MethodsPayment MethodsShipping Methods and Returns – Cancellations containing detailed information on the operation of the Chios.is online store form an integral part of this Terms of Use statement.

Applicable Law and Other Terms

The aforementioned chios.is Terms of Use as well as any modification to them are subjected to, and complemented by, the Greek law, the law of the European Union and the relevant International Conventions. Any provision included in the aforementioned terms contradicting the law is automatically terminated and removed from this agreement without affecting the validity of the other terms to any extent.

This is a thorough agreement between IOANNIS KOSTARIS one-person business and the user of chios.is pages and services, and it is not binding for any other party. No modification of any term will either be taken into consideration or be integrated in this agreement unless it is set forth in writing and is incorporated in this page.

The current terms are subject to, and interpreted by, the laws of the Greek state while the competent Courts are in charge of resolving any disputes or controversies.

Modification of Terms

We reserve the right to come up with amendments and modifications in this Terms of Use Statement. Please make sure you browse through the webpage on a regular basis so that you remain updated on current or new, additional information.

Last revised on October, 1, 2019.

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