Water vein

Wells, dowsers and diggers

Vitiadis Mansion

Dense vegetation has prevailed upon Vitiadis mansion, causing everything to steadily enfeeble and silently wilt

Vaggelis Xydas narrates stories of his life

He lives and enterprises in the area of Kampos, Chios; handyman, visionary and innovator, yet he wanted to become an aviator when he was young

Kambos animals

Amongst Kambos orange and mandarin trees, various domestic animals ramble around in the stone fence-enclosed…

The Glass Greenhouse

Whenever I get to look at one of the Kampos estates, it’s always the same excitement and anguish gaining on me: what kind of people actually nest behind those tall stone fences?

Memory is yet to fade in Kambos

No other place on Chios has been dented by history more than the Kampos region