Chios Map

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Four-color map. Measurements: 48 x 69 cm, 2018; delivered in a cardboard tube.

Produced by Ioannis Kostaris.

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Our goal was to come up with an attractive and comprehensive map that you wouldn’t resist hanging on the wall upon seeing it; a map based on painting that would reveal the spirit of the island, featuring elements deriving from its tradition, its past and present, farm crops, stockbreeding, fauna and flora, monuments etc., while making sure everything is rendered with pictures enabling the viewer to conceive the main traits of the island at a glance and easily form an overview.

The idea was based on a truly beautiful 80’s map of Egina by painter Paris Ieremiadis; our map has been designed by Vassilis Georgiou from Karlopoulos and Associates design workshop. It is in Greek and is sold exclusively in our eshop.