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Poulokeftedes from Lagkada

Poulokeftedes from Lagkada

  • In this column we will present local recipes whose basic ingredients are produced in the villages of Chios. First recipe: Balls made of zucchini flowers

Being quarantined turned out to be a huge inconvenience for everyone and especially for city dwellers who had to be holed up in their apartments; however, it presented us villagers with a chance to enjoy nature and look after our houses and plots. People fired up their weed whackers and rototillers, planted summer vegetables, pruned the trees. Strolls in the plains became an everyday habit. You could now walk across spruced up kitchen gardens with nice loose soil and not a weed in sight; see tomato plants lined up like little soldiers, squash plants laid out with their leaves mixing it with the bean plants, eggplants trying to overtop pepper plants; run into experienced breeders who only engage into plant-related conversations like “toss some sulfur now that it’s rained, make a blend of water, ethanol and green soap for greenflies”; ask and learn, talk for hours on end.

Come get a treat! Poulokeftedes for you to take home” said auntie on the phone. Zucchini flower balls! As the smell traveled through the cord, I wasted no time getting there. “How do you make them” I asked, “here, start taking notes” she replied.

(zucchini flower balls)

Prepare for: 10 min – Bake for: 15 min
Degree of difficulty: Easy – Serves: Two (as morsel)



10 – 15 zucchini flowers
One zucchini
One medium size onion
One egg
A bunch of fenne
A bunch of mint
Two tablespoons of traditional brined cheese – grated
A pinch of oregano and pepper
Plain flour
Two tablespoons of wheat flour
Frying oil


How to make

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Wash the zucchini flowers thoroughly, remove the sprouts and chop them into little pieces.

Grate the zucchini, add some salt, leave it for a while and then squeeze out excess liquid with both hands.

Chop the onion, the fennel and the mint, and whisk the eggs.

Cast the ingredients in a bowl, adding grated cheese, pepper and oregano. Pour the wheat flour and the plain flour while stirring until the mixture turns mushy – neither too thick nor too washy.

Pour the oil in the pan, wait for it to sizzle and then pour some spoons of your blend and fry both sides until the zucchini balls turn pinkish red.

The scent of fennel and mint filled the little house. “You see” she said, “each one of the ingredients going into this recipe came from the garden, aside from the flour and the cheese. If that’s not a blessing, I wonder what is!

Translated into English by Nikos Loutraris

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