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Hemmed in by sea

Hemmed in by sea

It was the early nineties on the island. Yannis, a pensioner from America, jack-of-all-trades, a restless and free spirit, was sitting on the front porch, like he did every day after finishing his chores. The afternoon silence was disturbed by a moped driving past him at excessive speed. Yannis was quick on the draw: “Driving like lunatics… where do they think they ’re going? Can’t they realize there’s sea all around us?”

Being part of our life and horizon, the sea sets the limits of space and time; it quantifies our freedom and seclusion. We are made of the land we were born, grew up and live in. Bearing a distinctive touch, the land is an area where we can experience our lives as something meaningful*.

Every land possesses its own traits and its own spirit, shaped through the passage of time by natural events and by thousands of people who were there and left their marks. Present encompasses the past and refers to the future. Everything is around us provided we can see it. Things reveal their story, let us know how they were created, and unveil the conditions under which they were generated*.

Making use of little stories, sets out to chronicle the lavish mosaic of the present. Employing texts and photos, sometimes directly, sometimes sideways, tactfully and unobtrusively, we will endeavor to display the beauty which exists regardless. We are planning to gradually create an alternative map demonstrating a new topography of the island. The texts will be available in Greek and in English. The photos will be interjected both in a supplementary and in a substantial way. A shop is also available, showcasing and selling books, cards, maps, handcrafted items as well as small-scale products. By clicking here, you can find out more about us. Bon voyage and so long.

* from the book Genius Loci: Towards a Phenomenology of Architecture by Christian Norberg-Schulz.

Translated into English by Nikos Loutraris

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