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Engravings by the students at Kalamoti and Lithi elementary schools

Engravings by the students at Kalamoti and Lithi elementary schools

The island’s elementary schools can boast excellent work regarding art classes. Through this column, we are going to be sharing with you several work packages by students attending various schools.

Stratos Sterianos teaches art at Kalamoti and Lithi elementary schools on Chios island. He is mainly concerned about his students developing the aesthetic and expressive qualities which they already possess as children: “Using game as a tool while applying the rule that there is no mistake when it comes to artistic expression, the students begin to perceive colors and the way to employ them as well as art design and composition by themselves. Up to now, they’ve created several project units based on the technique and the aesthetics of the image. We have come up with a selection of various works which students at both schools created after they discovered the engraving technique. Mind you, engraving is so strongly associated with Chios island; think of the impressive Pirgi sgraffito or the farmers scraping the resin off the tree trunks to extract mastic. The molds the students used were styrofoam pieces and cups, while a sharp pencil was used for engraving”.

Translated into English by Nikos Loutraris

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