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What are cookies and what are they used for?

Cookies are small data files that a webpage or a web server stores on a user’s computer, tablet or cellphone. Whenever the user visits the webpage, the latter retrieves this information and is able to provide the user specific services based on their preferences. A user’s preferences in a webpage, deriving from the choices they declare in this particular webpage (for example, clicking on particular links and ads, conducting specific searches, shopping cart information etc.) are a typical example of information of this kind.

Cookies can not cause harm to your device. They do not store personal data but use encrypted information. does not keep any files or databases containing visitors’ personal data except for contact info (namely, the e-mail adress) which users submit when signing up to our newsletter.

Use of cookies in

Each cookie contains information such as the name of the website it comes from, its lifespan (how long it is expected to remain in the device) and a value, which usually consists of a number. In essence, cookies enable websites to store various anonymous information, as for instance a user’s preferences or potential previous visits to the website. uses cookies to improve the website’s functionality, gather anonymous visitor statistics via

Google Analytics, interact with social networks and display, as well as measure the display of, advertising content.

The following is a list of detailed information about the different cookie types our site employs.

  • Cookies improving functionality

These are absolutely essential cookies used for upgrading the webpage’s features, and more specifically, for speeding up access to information and ensuring the proper function of the browsing menus. These cookies do not identify you. Without them, we are unable to guarantee the site’s effective function.

  • Cookies gathering anonymous visitor statistics

Every time you visit, anonymous cookies are produced so that visitor statistics can be collected. These cookies are produced by third-party services, namely by Google Analytics, and are used so that we know: – How many unique visitors we have and how often they visit

– The number of views for every single page as well as how long you have stayed on these pages
– The traffic sources, that is whether users visit us after being redirected from other websites, social networks, advertising campaigns, search engines (Google, Bing), or they come directly to
– Reports on collective anonymous demographic data and interests, such as age and gender, providing us with a better understanding on who our visitors are
– Under no circumstances is your personal identification allowed.

Third-party advertising cookies

Part of the advertisements displayed on is provided by other advertising companies or third-party cookies in general. Some of these companies produce their own anonymous cookies, which enables them to gain an insight on how many users have seen their advertisement as well as how many times they have done so. They may be also using cookies in order to more accurately define the advertisements which the user sees as well as make use of this information so as to be able to display similar advertisements. These companies have their own Cookies and Privacy Policies and has no control whatsoever over their cookies.

Social networks cookies

While navigating in, third-party organisations and companies might be producing their own anonymous cookies so that they can have control over how their applications work and tailor them to your needs.

For instance, when you share a article in social networking services offered by us (e.g. Facebook or Twitter), then these services produce cookies so that they remember that you connected with them as well as measure your activity. has absolutely no control or access to these third-party cookies, and no other organisation can have access to the data stored in them. These third-party companies have their own Cookies and Privacy Policies.

Disabling cookies in your browser

Browsers automatically accept cookies by default in order to secure a good browsing experience. However, if you wish, you can set your browser into partially or totally disabling cookies for certain sites.

If you choose to deactivate cookies for, we might not be able to provide you with all the functions available on our website.

Confidentiality Statement – Personal Data Protection

Using e-shop and registering orders via it, the user acknowledges that it is imperative that they grant specific information pertaining to personal data, which will be processed and potentially stored as part of our archive. The one-person business IOANNIS KOSTARIS does not collect sensitive personal data (e.g. age) unless the user requests so for trading or advertising purposes. guarantees that your personal data is kept confidential and safe. We may, however, be asked by competent public authorities to disclose personal data or any relevant information we have obtained or is accessible via our systems provided this is required by applicable legislation.

The user is held responsible for providing this site with legitimate, accurate and valid as well as authentic and relevant personal data.

Upon explicitly consenting, the visitors are given the opportunity to be updated on new products is launching in the market as well as potential special offers etc. through receiving newsletters. In any case, the user wishing to discontinue receiving these advertising messages can do so whenever they want.

Whenever the user sends any type of demand, all info remains classified and will only be used in order for the requested action to be completed.

Information contained in it is not transferred to any third party except for the recipient personally concerned as well as to a legitimate authority provided this is requested by the business or in case the content of the message is offensive or harmful to or to third parties whose interests the company is obliged to safeguard (third users, suppliers etc).

The user has, within the limits provided by legislation regarding confidentiality in telecommunications, the rights to information and objection as these have been set out in articles 11 through 13 of Act 2472/1997 on personal data.

Our business does not store data or credit card info, which are exclusively processed, safely and on their own responsibility, by the payment services provider through whose webpage payments are handled and carried out. The same applies to payment data, which are used by on-line payment providers such as PayPal.

Deleting personal data

This option is available in case you wish your personal data to be discontinued from our store. Nevertheless, you should bear in mind that this process will erase your account, thus preventing you from gaining access to it or using it again in the future.

Personal data delete request

Under 18 users

Under 18 users are supposed to be granted consent by their parents or carers in advance in case they have shared their personal data with

Revision of Data Protection & Use of Cookies Policy

We reserve the right to come up with amendments and modifications in this Data Protection & Use of Cookies Policy Statement. Please make sure you browse through the webpage on a regular basis so that you remain updated on current or new, additional information.

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