Contivo Design

The love of Architects Danai Athanasopoulou and George Bouses for crafts and experimentation with new materials, as well as their inspiration from the geometric patterns found in traditional art and architecture led to the expansion of their activity in the field of design and manufacture of the handmade embossed design objects by the name CONTIVO design.

LNE designer jewelry

For the last two decades LNE has been experimenting with several different materials, such as buttons, volts and washers creating jewelry for herself and friends. Later she jumped from combining pre-constructed parts to integrating preconceived notions of place into her designs. She uses technologies such as CNC or laser cutting and 3d printing in order to realize her designs but the finishing is always handmade by her.


Woodicrafts was founded in 2016 by George Kotsioris and Filia Glyka. George is a passionate, self-educated woodturner. He started dealing with wood 10 years ago with his first attempts being small furniture. He enjoys discovering new techniques and procedures. Filia is an architect with a special interest in sketching and painting. She deals with the design and presentation of the products. She prefers simple forms and clear lines. Simplicity and tradition affect the work of both.

Ioannis Kostaris


Ioannis Kostaris records stories of places and people that inhabit them. He has published two books with photographs and narratives and is preparing the next one. He maintains a convenience store in Komi of Chios.

Stratis Vogiatzis

Stratis Vogiatzis was born in Chios, Greece in 1978. He is a filmmaker, a photographer and an anthropologist. He studied economic sciences in Aristotle Un. and Social Anthropology in Amsterdam dealing with children and Political violence. He has published five books with his work and he has directed several independent documentary films that distinguished and won awards in international film festivals.