Vassilis Ayannides

Of Chian descent, he was born in Thessaloniki and he currently works for the Ephorate of Antiquities of Chios.

Filomila Bolia

She studied "Greek Culture" at the Hellenic Open University and "Research for Local Development and Cohesion" at the Faculty of Sociology of the Aegean University.

Vagelis Charitos

Tracing his descent from Thimiana village of Chios, he was born in 1982 in the Attica region. He has been residing on Chios since 2005. A conservator of antiquities, he has worked in the public and private sector.

Vicky Georgouli

She lives in Lagkada and runs a shop in the city of Chios.

Giorgos Kakaris

Chios resident

Michael Kaloupis

He was born in Chios, where he currently lives. A teacher, he loves mountains overlooking the sea, guitars and basketball.

Nikos Kolomvos

He was born and grew up in Pirgi village of Chios. He studied History and Archeology. He and his family maintain a traditional tavern in Emporios.

Ioannis Kostaris

He was born in Kalamoti village of Chios in 1970.

Nikos Loutraris

Born and raised in Chios, he studied Law and Literature at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He is one of the persons in charge of proofreading the texts of and translating them into English.

Anastasia Pentakis

Born and raised in Chios. Retired teacher of English.

Thodoris Siderakis

He was born in Patrika, Chios, in 1962. He worked in Softex paper industry and since 2016 he’s been living in Patrika. He cultivates mastic trees and has published the books : “Let’s go to our Patrika place” and “Eternal Mastic Tear”.

Yiouli Teli

She was born and grew up in Chios. She studied at the Higher School of Tourism Professions of Rhodes and maintains with her family a Tourism Company in Emporios.

Stella Tsiropina

She was born in Chios, where she lives and works as a literature teacher.

Stratis Vogiatzis

Stratis Vogiatzis is a photographer, filmmaker and an anthropologist. He grew up in Chios. He has published several books and he has directed several independent documentary films.

Yannis Voulgaris

He is the president of Chios Photography Club and the treasurer of Koraes Library Friends Association. He currently works in the book sector.