The Mount Piganio “air conditioner”

Hot air in winter, cold air in the summer, both pouring out of a hole at a 450-meter altitude

Nikos Gialouris’ “Old Woman”

Forty two years ago, the Chios loving painter climbs up “Old Woman’s Castle” along with a couple friend

A tenacious teacher, one hundred and twenty firs and the “Immortal Water”

Several references can be found in the Chian Calendar Book of Fita village referring to…

Trading seventeen goats for half a Singer sewing machine

A Vrontados stockbreeding family, river Anilios and an eventful wintering at “Kamitsis’ stockyard”

At Psoras’ well

It’s not the broadest nor the deepest well; it’s not the oldest one either. It’s a typical Mount Epos well, but it was made by the man who is credited with constructing the majority of Chios’ stockyards.

The adventures of Monopetra

A boulder, the puzzling disappearance of an ancient inscription and two small tales set against the background of Mount Piganio

There is only one Plakomandra

Rubble walls, goat drops and memories from the renowned Oros stockyards