Wintering in the monk’s cave

Forty-three years later, Stavrini goes back to Volaki to relate the untold story surrounding hermit Harais

Keramos Mines

Αntimony, “Societe Anonyme de Mines de Keramos”, pneumoconiosis and abandonment


Descendants who never made it back

At Skoundouflis’ stockyard

Old man Kostis, the bandits and a triple murder on Erikani scarps

A cauldron, three shower stalls and countless water fights

Memories from the community baths in Kourounia

The tower of Pirgi

Being the village’s largest structure, it is positioned conspicuously and serves as an integral part of its image

Zervoudis mansion

An architectural tale

The Mount Piganio “air conditioner”

Hot air in winter, cold air in the summer, both pouring out of a hole at a 450-meter altitude


Time has deducted the hard jacket of matter from them and the more it reacts on them, the more their existence becomes transparent and furtive

The statue of Kanaris in Chios Park

The most photographed statue of Chios

Nikos Gialouris’ “Old Woman”

Forty two years ago, the Chios loving painter climbs up “Old Woman’s Castle” along with a couple friend

Water vein

Wells, dowsers and diggers