The Mount Piganio “air conditioner”

Hot air in winter, cold air in the summer, both pouring out of a hole at a 450-meter altitude


Time has deducted the hard jacket of matter from them and the more it reacts on them, the more their existence becomes transparent and furtive

The statue of Kanaris in Chios Park

The most photographed statue of Chios

Nikos Gialouris’ “Old Woman”

Forty two years ago, the Chios loving painter climbs up “Old Woman’s Castle” along with a couple friend

Water vein

Wells, dowsers and diggers

Vitiadis Mansion

Dense vegetation has prevailed upon Vitiadis mansion, causing everything to steadily enfeeble and silently wilt

A tenacious teacher, one hundred and twenty firs and the “Immortal Water”

Several references can be found in the Chian Calendar Book of Fita village referring to…

Patriarch Joachim IV’s tomb

The monument was created in 1895 by the notable late 19th century sculptor Georgios Bonanos

Kambos animals

Amongst Kambos orange and mandarin trees, various domestic animals ramble around in the stone fence-enclosed…

Trading seventeen goats for half a Singer sewing machine

A Vrontados stockbreeding family, river Anilios and an eventful wintering at “Kamitsis’ stockyard”

The “Omonia” Hotel in Agiasmata

It’s the early 20th century, and the health benefits associated with hot springs have come to the fore once again. Predictably, Agiasmata becomes a sought-after destination for people interested in healing.

The Glass Greenhouse

Whenever I get to look at one of the Kampos estates, it’s always the same excitement and anguish gaining on me: what kind of people actually nest behind those tall stone fences?