Markella Mavridoglou relates her family’s life stories

Summertime memories unfolding around the family’s vacation home in Southern Chios

Vaggelis Xydas narrates stories of his life

He lives and enterprises in the area of Kampos, Chios; handyman, visionary and innovator, yet he wanted to become an aviator when he was young

Chantal Moreau relates her life stories

She worked as a teacher in Morocco, Ivory Coast, Tunisia, Slovenia and France. She is vivid and curious like a little girl, she takes life as it comes and likes to travel. In recent years she has been living in Lithi of Chios.

Vassilis tells stories from his life

Slim, upright in posture, never still, and always wearing a checked yellow headscarf, like an old-time villager in his field. He ended up on Chios from Amsterdam.

Stavrini tells stories about her life

She grew up among sheep and goats. In Astifidolakos on Mount Epos is her little paradise.

Gizela relates how she ended up in Chios

She lives in Berlin and Kalamoti, and many things in her live were pure coincidence