Kostas Stamoulis photos

Well digging in southeastern Chios

Kostas Papavasiliou, the well digger from Pagida village

The needle crafting

Spurred on by a photo taken forty years ago, Despina from Kini talks us through mastic trees needle crafting and rural life

Haroumbis recalls his thresher and his donkey

Still spry and fidgety, is always working, smiling and engaging into all sorts of activities – the coffee shop, the fairs

The wood-fired oven in the neighborhood

Ovens in village neighborhoods used to be places where people would gather, get in touch and enjoy themselves

You came over here to shoot the weeds?

March 1986, and Kostas Stamoulis captures wild tulips at the edges of Kalimassia and Tholopotami

Konstandia from Nenita turned out three hundred kilos of mastic

I met her at her house and she was all smiles and accommodating, wearing a little headscarf, clearing up her neighbor’s mastic and insisting on treating me all sorts of confections.

Yiorgis Fradzeskos, the last coalman of Kalimassia

Having spent his whole life working in kilns, mastro*-Yiorgis Fradzeskos, “the old woman”, as the villagers used to call him

The photographer and the mannequin

A photo shoot thirty years ago for the Chios Gum Mastic Growers Association