Vassilis Ayannides

Of Chian descent, he was born in Thessaloniki and he currently works for the Ephorate of Antiquities of Chios.

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The tower of Skilitsena (a.k.a. “the Black Woman”)

The orchard featuring the tower of “the Black Woman” is located to the east of Agios Ioannis Voudomatis church in Kambos

The refugee hovels on the seafront wall of the Castle

After the Izmir disaster in 1922 and the population exchange in 1923, the Castle of Chios hosted, one more time, uprooted people

Livanos residence in Kardamila

Livanos residence is located at the lower part of Kardamila village, in a quarter named…

Ambeliotis Residence

Ambeliotis residence is located at 1-3, Agii Anargiri Street, consisting of two buildings.

Dromokaitis Mansion

One in a series of iconic estates currently collapsing in Chios

Derelict public buildings and estates on Chios island

Vassilis Agianidis presents iconic estates on the verge of collapsing