Vagelis Charitos

Tracing his descent from Thimiana village of Chios, he was born in 1982 in the Attica region. He has been residing on Chios since 2005. A conservator of antiquities, he has worked in the public and private sector.

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Keramos Mines

Αntimony, “Societe Anonyme de Mines de Keramos”, pneumoconiosis and abandonment

The tower of Pirgi

Being the village’s largest structure, it is positioned conspicuously and serves as an integral part of its image

The statue of Kanaris in Chios Park

The most photographed statue of Chios

Patriarch Joachim IV’s tomb

The monument was created in 1895 by the notable late 19th century sculptor Georgios Bonanos

The “Omonia” Hotel in Agiasmata

It’s the early 20th century, and the health benefits associated with hot springs have come to the fore once again. Predictably, Agiasmata becomes a sought-after destination for people interested in healing.

Koulas Tower

Koulas, a horseshoe-shaped tower retaining no contact with any other construction around it, is located near the southeastern corner of the Chios Fortress.

The Mills of Tampakika

Α kilometer away from the center of Chios, to the north, one can see the most photographed place of the town

The Prassakakis Fountain in Neochori

Constructed in 1886 to cope with the village’s water shortage issue