Studying Mastihohoria*

Forty-three years later, Stavrini goes back to Volaki to relate the untold story surrounding hermit Harais



Keramos Mines

Αntimony, “Societe Anonyme de Mines de Keramos”, pneumoconiosis and abandonment


Descendants who never made it back

At Skoundouflis’ stockyard

Old man Kostis, the bandits and a triple murder on Erikani scarps


The needle crafting

Spurred on by a photo taken forty years ago, Despina from Kini talks us through mastic trees needle crafting and rural life

Haroumbis recalls his thresher and his donkey

Still spry and fidgety, is always working, smiling and engaging into all sorts of activities – the coffee shop, the fairs


The tower of Skilitsena (a.k.a. “the Black Woman”)

The orchard featuring the tower of “the Black Woman” is located to the east of Agios Ioannis Voudomatis church in Kambos


The garland

With all those motherly words – and much more – in mind, I felt like being struck by a lightning bolt upon walking to the cemetery on the hill

Aunt Dafni from Kataraktis makes potato balls

We spent endless afternoons and evenings in the little coffee shop she runs in Kataraktis

At the bookstore: Yannis Voulgaris’ best photo

It may not be my best photo, but it’s definitely the one that helped me break free and reach the Man.

Eggplants with skordalia from Sikiada

The eggplants coming from Kostas’ garden are wonderful and the skordalia has a strong flavor, allowing both the blood pressure and ouzo to go down!

Levitating: Stamatis Menis’ best photo

Once a month, this column will be devoted to a shot of a professional or an amateur photographer, who has been routinely photographing the island, thinks that deserves to be shown.


Playing tic-tac-toe in VIAL

Poulokeftedes from Lagkada

Balls made of zucchini flowers

Mingle with your fellow humans

Love people and they’ll love you back. That’s how you forget about all the hard stuff but you remember love.

The red bag: Thalia Nouarou’s best photo

Once a month, this column will feature a shot by a professional or an amateur photographer who has been routinely photographing the island and thinks that deserves to be shared