The tower of Pirgi

An architectural tale



The Mount Piganio “air conditioner”

Hot air in winter, cold air in the summer, both pouring out of a hole at a 450-meter altitude


Time has deducted the hard jacket of matter from them and the more it reacts on them, the more their existence becomes transparent and furtive

The statue of Kanaris in Chios Park

The most photographed statue of Chios


Haroumbis recalls his thresher and his donkey

Still spry and fidgety, is always working, smiling and engaging into all sorts of activities – the coffee shop, the fairs


The tower of Skilitsena (a.k.a. “the Black Woman”)

The orchard featuring the tower of “the Black Woman” is located to the east of Agios Ioannis Voudomatis church in Kambos

The wood-fired oven in the neighborhood

Ovens in village neighborhoods used to be places where people would gather, get in touch and enjoy themselves



Playing tic-tac-toe in VIAL

Poulokeftedes from Lagkada

Balls made of zucchini flowers

Mingle with your fellow humans

Love people and they’ll love you back. That’s how you forget about all the hard stuff but you remember love.

The red bag: Thalia Nouarou’s best photo

Once a month, this column will feature a shot by a professional or an amateur photographer who has been routinely photographing the island and thinks that deserves to be shared


From Koris Yefiri to the sea

Taking a stroll across Parthenis river – or whatever’s left of it


Lalades, the current state of affairs and the spring beauties

Mid-March is when lalades break through on Chios, most of them on lush mountainsides close to Tholopotami village

In March we sowed in flower beds

The tobacco growing in Chios

We are not animals

Safa and Narjes live in Vial, we live in our bubble


3D pop-up cards by the students attending the third and the eighth Chios Elementary Schools

Using collage technique, markers and colored pencils, students compiled their own Chios-inspired imaginary landscapes