Chios was her entire life

A Vrontados stockbreeding family, river Anilios and an eventful wintering at “Kamitsis’ stockyard”



The Glass Greenhouse

Whenever I get to look at one of the Kampos estates, it’s always the same excitement and anguish gaining on me: what kind of people actually nest behind those tall stone fences?

At Psoras’ well

It’s not the broadest nor the deepest well; it’s not the oldest one either. It’s a typical Mount Epos well, but it was made by the man who is credited with constructing the majority of Chios’ stockyards.

Koulas Tower

Koulas, a horseshoe-shaped tower retaining no contact with any other construction around it, is located near the southeastern corner of the Chios Fortress.



Ambeliotis Residence

Ambeliotis residence is located at 1-3, Agii Anargiri Street, consisting of two buildings.

The adventures of Monopetra

A boulder, the puzzling disappearance of an ancient inscription and two small tales set against the background of Mount Piganio

Yiorgis Fradzeskos, the last coalman of Kalimassia

Having spent his whole life working in kilns, mastro*-Yiorgis Fradzeskos, “the old woman”, as the villagers used to call him


Yanni’s haunt

I picked up some of the broad beans I’d put aside from last year, I threw them in a pouch and headed for the plot to sow them


Engravings by the students at Kalamoti and Lithi elementary schools

The island’s elementary schools can boast excellent work regarding art classes

Vangelis and Pink Floyd at the village

“Jeez, people used to dance to these tunes in clubs when I was thirty. There’s never going to be something as melodious as this.”

Kali and her moustalevria pudding

Kali is almost eighty, but she’s my best friend


At the oil mill

The oil mill is the meeting point between the European Union and the Ottoman Empire

Southerly wind at Emporios

“Turn on the radio on your mobile to listen to the weather forecast”

Woodcocks, dogs, hunters

The poor dogs got so scared by all that gunfire they couldn’t help spinning around

Hemmed in by sea

It was the early nineties on the island. Yannis, a pensioner from America, jack-of-all-trades, a…

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